Apr 13, 2013

Develop Stress-Free Business Ideas

cover page: Generate Business Ideas
Cover Page: Generate Biz Ideas

Generating business ideas.

It does not come easy for the most of us. This prompted me to come up with the eBook “How To Generate Business Ideas” with no hassle. It is not just possible, but rather practical too. It is a collection of several methods that you can use at no financial cost to you. You come up with business ideas that can be put to immediate use, or share them with others that could.

“How To Generate Business Ideas” at no expense to you has ended. Bizjoe now has it on sale at an offer price if you reach out in time. Do not get bogged down because you cannot figure what to do with you time, or even money. By the end of the eBook, you shall be mobbed with ideas you never knew existed before. The beauty is most of them are bound to have been right under your nose all this time! It shall amaze you how often we miss the things that are within our vicinity. Purchase yourself a copy, or one for your struggling friend or family member. They shall forever be grateful that you did them the honour. The book is out there, you are right here, so click your way there and hey presto, you have your copy. Thereafter, start generating business ideas like there is no tomorrow…

We all see in part. 

Even the best of us can only see so much. That is why we need one another to make the most of others and ourselves too. The eBook shows you how to leverage other people to generate business ideas that can be turned-into-money. With an open and expanded mind-set, you shall be keen-sighted, observing things in ways you were unaware of before.
I am an ardent believer of the fact the best way to teach a person is showing them how. This is as opposed to doing it for them, or shoving it at them. More like the Chinese saying: “Teach a man how to fish and they shall eat fish the rest of their lives.” Mostly because they shall not need you after that, they are equipped and independent. They are independent. Learn how to generate business ideas and earn from them.

Light Bulb Baloon
Chute your way to suceess

How To Generate Business Ideas

The eBook 

Shares with you methods that shall NOT COST you a cent, nor a dollar. Look around you, family, neighbours, workplace, etc., business ideas are waiting to be popped. That is where you shall see business ideas popup and go viral. Why were you unaware of all this before? Well, what you focus on you see. You shall be able to see things from a different perspective. That is where is the money here, how can you make money of this/that. The moneys are plastered everywhere, all you need to know is what to look out for. Be surprised at the frequency you see potential. YOU Generate Business Ideas from the blue… at least that shall be said of you, sooner than later.

The money is everywhere 

whether you seek it online, or offline. You are rewarded with free business resources that you can use to you advantage. A package that is worth your attention, as you shall come off the better for having read the book. If you would Love a good book on how to Generate Business Ideas that do not cost you, then  don't miss out; get your copy of Generate Business Ideas And Make Real Money by Bizjoe. Now available at: ePAYDUKa for a song...!

We Salute to your business successes, now and future.

Mar 18, 2013

Turn Your Computer To A Cash Vending Machine...

Bizjoe: To Building Your Fortunes...

Your Computer A Cash Vendor?

Hello and a big welcome to this blog, I am your Host-Blogger Bizjoe.

For all intents and purposes, the blog is here for you to benefit from. If you are here for the first time an extra warm welcome, from me to you. And to all return readers, you too are well appreciated too. 

If you care, I wish to reveal to you how could turn your computer into a cash vending machine. All you shall need to do is invest a bit of time on your computer.

Wondering How? 

Would earning 50, 100, 500 USD DOLLARS online on a weekly basis be of interest to you? Are willing and able to invest just KES 2,850 ($30) towards a guaranteed monthly income?

Well then, take some time and review the information following.This is the fastest way I use to earn me a continuing online income. Refer and recommend products to others. Tap into the vast power of the Internet, it is just 30$ worth to get set up. 

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Some of the Perks:


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Each journey begins with a STEP." chinese proverb

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Mar 12, 2013

The Web's Best-Kept Traffic Secret

Traffic is almost every web bloggers mantra. No traffic no life. So here you can hear it from One of the experts, if not the EXPERT himself. Jim has been around online forever years and earned his keep. He puts his mouth where the money is and truly OVER delivers.

Over to the Man Himself; Jim Edwards…


"The Web's Best-Kept Traffic Secret"

      - by Jim Edwards

(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Did you realize that thousands of website operators use a simple technique to generate targeted visitors to their websites without paying a dime in advertising? It's true.

In fact, the technique works so well that many of them don't want you to discover how they get those thousands of website visitors and make so many sales on virtual "auto- pilot."

Their method?

Creating tightly focused articles other people publish in their ezines (online magazines and email newsletters) and post on their websites. This method rates so powerful that some even call it "the web's best kept traffic secret."

Now, you may ask, "Why would an ezine publisher or website owner publish my articles for their subscribers?"

To find out more...:

Feb 18, 2013

Discover How to Earn Money Online With Ease

Are your earnings not enough for your living? Do you want to earn an extra income? Do you have nothing to do at home and have a computer with an internet connection? We'll show you how to earn money during your free hours using your computer.  

 Time is money, it is said

Feb 13, 2013

Shhh! SILENCE: Business Ideas In Progress

Image courtesy of [imagerymajestic] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Silence is the great teacher, and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it. There is no substitute for the creative inspiration, knowledge, and stability that come from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence.                 –– Deepak Chopra ––

I have had occasion, and severally come across the phrasing; The Lord is the SILENT listener to every conversation in this house, in reference to their homes. In essence, the Lord is present, whether or not we see or appreciate His presence. The key words here are Silent Listener. How many times are we ever just silent (observers) listeners of whatever is going on around us? Silence is an art not endowed to many. Mostly seeking an opportunity to complain or express our grievances at any level. It is a lot easier to complain than give compliment. Well, now it is time to learn the art of silence. Being quick to hear BUT slow to response.  

Why, you may be wondering. Well, still focused on generating new business ideas and our focus this time round is on SILENCE. Remember in the previous article we spoke of Brain Storming to generate moneymaking ideas? Well, now silence is one art that can make you rich fast too. This does not mean you should keep mum in the presence of others. No. what it actually suggests is that you do more listening in, with perspective to where the money is. You need to come out from the crowd here to make this work for you. Silence here allows you to focus in on the possible solutions and not the problem.

In the silence lies the money. Here is how. Where there is a problem, there is money making potential. More so if the numbers permit and the need for a solution is high. Therefore, if you are able to stay clear of the debates for a while, you just might see it. One of the ways that you could contribute is by drive the discussion/debate towards a solution. Ask the present group what they imagine would bring resolution to the situation that has irked them. You could even use them as your survey listing and find out if they would be willing to pay for that solution were a service to be provided. Push it even further by asking how much they would be willing to pay for that nature of service.

You are practically getting the problem PLUS its possible solution. Moreover, without leaving the grounds you even have a possible clientele for the service. You could then go and mull over the information you have gathered. Talk to them again when they are sober (not pissed off) and ask if they would seriously and genuinely pay for the service were it to be rendered them. People when angry can say just about anything out of spite, even that which they know for a fact not to be true. So please confer with them again and give the process more time.

It would also be nice to inquire from other possible users of the service what they think about it. If you are still getting a positive feedback, you just may be onto something! Bearing in mind for any idea to have any meaningful value, it has to have a need it is catering for. Short of that, you may end up with a bummer on your hands. Not good. Getting the idea is only a part of a series of things you would have to do. But in all, you would have an idea, a possible business and clients to boot.

“Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.”
George Eliot, Impressions of Theophrastus Such

“Silence makes idiots seem wise even for a minute.”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Angel's Game

Feb 5, 2013

Brainstorm And Generate Business Ideas Free

Generate Brilliant Business Ideas.

Water-bottles Lighting Slums [Courtesy Nation Media]
Get your complimentary free e-Book “Generate Business Ideas” by Biz joe, shares ways you can be able to generate free business ideas. One of the ways pointed out is look out for need among the populace or particular community. You may or not, be a part of it. It could be a workplace, social place/event, domestic, name it.   Any place that has a gathering of sorts shall works well.

The Kisenyi slums in Kampala, Uganda have had a dire need for power. A few guys appreciated the problem (need) people have in the area is lighting (electricity). You shall find that the formal power companies are not very keen on delivering power to such areas due the high bill payment evasion. Aside of many illegal connections, it is hard to make collections on even the legal ones. Collection alone probably costs more than the service provided.

The people need lighting but can either ill afford the bills or just do not believe they should pay for what they can easily freeload.

The Business Idea Was Built Around Need

These persons cashed in on this situation and provided a means of lighting for the peoples in the slum area of Kisenyi.  Desperate for lighting with and with limited budgets, called for innovation. Their idea is budget friendly, and easy to install offering 24/7 light! What this means is he earns himself a handsome package over time with the number of installations. The investment required is minimal. The clientele is huge. Pricing is within customer’s finances still allowing for a profit margin. 

A piece of mabati (iron sheet) about a foot square, 1.5Lt empty mineral water bottle, and JIK the bleaching agent are the raw material and sealant. Silicon is the choice element. A hardy product and is not affected by the weather and is waterproof when it dries. All the above items are easy to access and readily available on the market at any given time. The water bottles are scattered all over and both environmental and health hazards. Apart of the silicon and JIK the rest of the items are recycled helping protect the environment.

When generating business ideas you have to factor several things. Among which are:

NEED... Social game of Pool. [Courtesy of Facebook]

What is the market segment, Is there a market?

The slums are some of the most highly populated areas in any given community. Where you have one slum, you are bound to have many others. They are a clientele that you shall have for a long while. That is assuming government does not do something about the slum. Even then, you shall have recouped your investments, hopefully.

This follows the principle there should be a willing buyer and willing seller. Place to sell or market your product or services for the business to profit.

Identify "NEED" and generate (build) a business idea around it

The Kisenyi dwellers were desperate for power. Those who live in well-lit environments can tell how frustrating it is to live without electrical power.  It changes everything about your life, just the light aspect of it. All of a sudden, you have to go to sleep with the chicken (early) because it is now dark. You cannot read, even chatting can be dampened for lack of light. Life practically sucks switching off. So, is there need? Yea, there is a great need!

Costing of the Business idea generated or brainstormed

Ideas are a dime a dozen (plenty) it is not so much the lack of them but practicality of the idea. In our classic example, the problem is not power lacking. It is actually available, just that it costs way more than the users are able (or are not willing) to pay for. Meaning the alternative has to be within acceptable margins? In our case study, it is well within range. Water added to the empty transparent plastic bottle, a squirt of JIK bleaching agent added to the water. This then placed into a hole cut specifically for it in the mabati (piece of iron sheet) and sealed. 

Another hole cut in the roof of house, just enough to accommodate the bottle and sealed as well. Having dried to the mabati sheet, the bottle is frim and can easily carry the weight when placed on the roof. The reflection of sunlight through the mix creates light in the room below.

Put together these items would not exceed UGX 500; or KES 30; or USD 0.40; it cost less than a dollar to assemble this piece of ingenuity. It is unlikely to price more than a dollar to set up, worst case 2 dollars and you are good to go, this including setting up.

Return On Investment required (ROI)

What is the return on investment on the business idea you have generated. You start a Business for the major reason being profit. Other than, you are planning a charity; profit is the point of business. Moreover, unless a business returns a profit, it ceases else, it is CHARITY. The case above shows a definite return on investment.

Assuming the product goes for a dollar. The assembly goes for 40 US cents, maybe 10 cents for installation, leaving 50 cents on the dollar. This fee for starters is well within the slum budgets. They would pay with no complaints, and the product has a lifespan of over 4 years. Quite a superb deal, you have a dollar for dollar return here. 50 cents to every installation you do.

Is there any remedy cure of pain, or pleasure introduced?

There is plenty here to relate with, darkness is subdued here, much as it is a 24/7 lighting with no on/off switch. Users can find means to cover the light and create a semblance of darkness. They would though prefer light to darkness for the former is the greater need and easier to attain the later. 

Delivery from run-ins with bills collectors and power supply firms. This is a onetime payment for a long service life. Who can argue with that? It also cuts their expenses tremendously aside of offering healthier living. This too again brings down their hospital bills in the same swoop.

Where do you find business ideas?

Business ideas are all-over the place if you care to look. How do you find them may be another story all together. The FREE e-Book “Generate Business Ideas” shall help you take the hassle out of the process. The aim is not for you to come up with the next Guinness Record, no sweat. All you need is a business for you. From the example, we have seen above, all you need is a community with a need. Provide a solution, to that perennial need and you probably have a business.

Brainstorm what could be the futures next innovation.

You can read the full article on “Plastic waterbottle bulb” idea here: 
The YouTube Video was unfortunately taken down, it has been turned private; it would have made for good viewing. You can access the link from within the article, in the hope it is public again.

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